Chilling out, enjoying life, everything looks cool, until and unless your wisdom teeth start building unbearable pain all over your jaw. Many experience this pain in their late teens either in the early twenties. Many people decide to extract out their wisdom teeth whereas many want the teeth to take place. In a study, it has been found that more than 80% of people need to extract their wisdom teeth in their lifetime.  This is a big number.

So do we really need to remove our wisdom teeth instead of letting it grow? Also why the name wisdom come? Relax we have all the answers to your query.

The story behind Wisdom teeth

Let us drive back to thousands of years ago, the age of Primordial, age of our ancestors where human evolution was in its initial stage. At that time humans do not know cooking or steaming so their diet consists of raw meat and food causing the formation of strong third molar which helps in chewing the raw meat. Well even at that time there was also no dentist to treat them like today we have the best dentist in surrey bc.  Apart from kidding, this is the evolution of the third molar which we called wisdom teeth today, Also many studies says that wisdom teeth are called wisdom teeth because it comes when the humans become wiser and mature unlike of being childish, the human becomes more responsible and forming the teeth called wisdom teeth.

Well, that was really interesting that everything has some stories behind it.

Myths about wisdom teeth

Maximum minds Maximum myths. That means more no. of people the more no. of perceptions. Well, many people have some common myths which need to be busted.

Myth No. #1

It has been found that many people think that those who do not have all the four wisdom teeth formed completely are less intelligent and less wise because wisdom teeth are the sign of maturity and wiser. Whereas this is the completely wrong perception of those who think this. There is no scientific reason or study which justifies this myth.

Myth No. #2

Removing wisdom teeth is a necessity for everyone. It is a choice which many people take and many do not. Here in Cloverdale dental center hundreds of patient visit to remove their wisdom teeth which is their own choice. People need to learn that this is not mandatory to kick out the third molar of your jaw.

Myth No. #3

Digital X rays and technology can predict the eruption of wisdom teeth. Well, this is a very childish thing which many mythers create. No technology predicts the accurate timing of the teeth.

Considering everything we conclude that you really do not need to bye-bye your wisdom teeth. It’s a choice, It’s a comfort. So keep connected with us for more interesting blogs.