Got a right-swiped in tinder and planning for a date?? Well dear just check your oral health, If it is not up to the mark then hurry up and reach us, your impression matters.  BYS dental has performed several dentistry treatments from the past several years. Millions of Canadians spend almost a billion-dollar annually on their dental health checkup and oral preventive checkups whereas there are still many citizens who avoid dental checkups just because of cost issues. We are not even that expensive which pushes you in the dilemma of getting treated or not treated. Here we inform our patients about the importance of oral health hygiene and daily routine check-ups. Bad breath can be embarrassing and could end up the conversation badly. Brushing your teeth with paste sometimes does not help so much, there comes fluoride paste which cleans up the mouth perfectly without leaving any bad odor. In case you ever find your oral health even facing a 1% of an issue, then feel free to connect with us.

BYS dental is your way for preventive dental services in Cloverdale with affordable treatments because we don’t want to lose any patient because of the dollar shortage. Our expert dentist will go thoroughly to check the patient oral health and will perform several treatments like Sealed, Bondings, Gum surgery, Teeth whitening, Refilling and Repairing.

Tobacco consumers, Smokers, and other drug-addicted people face dental and oral problems like leukoplakia, gross decay, stained dental structures, and other pathologic changes, more often than any general human. Yes, these addictive drugs are harmful and life-taking, why to take chance, even a normal ulcer could be a sign of a serious problem.

The lymph nodes have chances to get infected and swell up, jaws could feel pain and mouth have chances to look pale and yellow. Our professional dentist use components that are rich in dental treatment.

The dental issue in children

Children love chocolates, ice creams, candies, sweets, etc. but do not care about teeth and mouth which brings problems like, tooth cavity, tooth decay, early tooth loss, gum infection and more to list. Daily Routine dental check-up cleans out the remains and hidden stuff out perfectly. Preventive Dental Treatment in Surrey is much expensive, whereas our hospitality is very affordable that you don’t have to think twice. These treatments lower down the risk of Oral issues.

Chronic Oral Illness

This should never be taken lightly because anything chronic is life alarming. Chronic oral illness include:-

Structural congenital heart disease

Bleeding diathesis (e.g. hemophilia)

Chronic suppurative lung disease (e.g. cystic fibrosis)


Diabetes mellitus

Juvenile idiopathic arthritis

Inflammatory bowel disease

Chronic renal disease


Organ transplantation

Preventive dental treatments by BYS dental surely minimizes all the risk of dental issues, feel free to drop us a message and to know deeply about the services we provide.