Ask the one who has experienced one or more dental emergencies in their life, they would tell you how breathtaking, painful and stressful they are. Even visiting dentists during emergency seems like a Hercules task. In that case, one should know what to do during such savage situations.

Here’re some of the common emergencies that people generally face:

Life-Threatening Toothache:

Toothaches can be very brutal and unbearable. And if they start at midnight hour, there are only three things that you can do:

Visiting an Emergency Dental Service:

Hunt for a dentist who is available during the emergency time and makes a call. Explain the problem patiently. Ask for the earliest availability if the pain is severe.  

Applying Ice Pack to Ease the Pain:

If you don’t want to rush to an emergency dentist, you can try to ease the pain at home. Hold an ice pack and press it lightly on and around the area of pain. Don’t experiment with any heat treatment as it has adverse effects on pain:

A Pain Reliever from Over the Counter Store:

Even if the drug store guarantees instant relief by keeping a medicine on the pain area, don’t do it. Only take consumable medicine.

Chipped, Cracked or Broken Teeth:

Due to any circumstances, if there is any kind or size of breakage in a tooth, it can cause immense stress. One can do just one thing and that is:

Call a Dentist Emergency Service:

They would suggest and do the filling or root canal surgery, whatever feels more pertinent according to the situation of the broken tooth.

  A Detached Tooth:

  • If the Tooth Has Fallen Out of the Socket, Don’t Wait and:
  • Reach the nearest emergency dentist as soon as you can:

If the tooth is connected back to its place within 10 minutes, it would catch the roots and it won’t be bigger trouble.

In the case in 10 minutes, you can’t reach the dentist, make sure you keep the broken tooth in a glass of cold milk. Make it earliest or at least earlier than 2 hours. The more you delay, the more complex the treatment gets. 

Severely Bitten Lip or Tongue:

Use a Clean Cloth to Control the Bleeding:

If it doesn’t get better, go for the next step. Rush as fast as you can to the nearest emergency dental service

Some Food Chunk or Other Thing Stuck Between Your Teeth:

Use floss and do everything with it to get rid of the particle: 

However, it would get very much irritating and you would be convinced to use any sharp particle to ease the problem. But don’t do it. Vist emergency dentist, that’s the safest option if the first option doesn’t work.

Lost filling:

Visit a Dentist:

In case, you have to wait to get things right, next one works as a band-aid. 

Put softened sugarless chewing gum on the spot:

Then go for the one and only permanent solution and that is recovery dentistry.