No one likes highly unpleasant physical sensation and if you are suffering from oral health problem then trust me, it is going to nightmare you for a long time. Well, Usually people assume that dentistry services are damn painful and ruthless, but let us break the bucket of myths because the dentistry of today is far advanced and pleasant than ages ago. The use of medical science has solved no. of issues which seems to be impossible at some part of time such as unbearable pain. Now dentists use sedation therapy to deal with harsh pain and suffering. But let us know some major key rules to follow before and after sedation dentistry.

Types of sedation dentistry.

  • Inhaled minimal sedation. The patient will be conscious, relaxed and responsive.
  • Oral sedation also known as conscious sedation.
  • IV moderate sedation also known as Intravenous sedation.
  • Deep sedation and general anesthesia.

# Rule no. 1 – Food lovers need to react sad.

Don’t eat heavy meals and go for light meals before three to five  hours of your sedation therapy. If patients don’t follow this rule, then there are high chances of dentist cancelling the surgery or procedure. In Surrey, dentists are highly professional, so have some patience and experience the best sedation dentistry in Cloverdale

#Rule no. 2 –  Avoid Alcohol & Drugs

Sedation dentistry is an intense procedure where patient need to be perfectly ready for it. Consuming alcohol or any drugs like cannabis, etc, will lower down the immune system of a person and the surgery will not take place. So definitely try to avoid drinks and smoke before and after 48 hours of your sedation therapy.

#Rule no. 3 – Don’t arrive alone

Sedation makes a patient relaxed and quiet unresponsive, in this case patients have to come along with any of the one close person , who will take care and manage patient during the effect of sedation therapy.

#Rule no. 4 –  Do not bring children with you

It is preferable that not to bring kids with you because sedation dentistry relax a patient, so there are chances of forgetting things and even people near you. Apart from that, kids are very sensitive and emotional, they cannot see their loved ones facing problems.

#Rule no. 5 –  Use private transport

Call taxi or private car to go home along with your escort. Using public transport needs more care and safety because patient at that time needs relaxation. Instead of using any rush four wheeler, go for a private transport.

The bonus rule is that , nursing mothers cannot breastfeed their child for 12 hours before and after sedation therapy. Also pregnant women are advised to avoid sedation dentistry because anesthesia can cause some risks to the mother and baby. So these were a few of the five rules you need to follow if you are planning to have sedation.

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