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Dental Exam and Cleanings

At Brickyard Station Dental we can’t stress enough that, along with your day-to-day brushing and flossing, routine dental examinations and cleanings are essential in keeping your teeth healthy, strong, and looking their best.

Our oral exams consist of comprehensive inspection by our dental professionals, X-rays (using our digital X-ray system), and thorough exams on any issues that are found so you can make the most educated choice on the ways to proceed with necessary treatment.

If you let too much time go between dental exams and cleanings, plaque and tooth decay can gradually develop until you’re faced with a much bigger–and possibly more uncomfortable– oral health issue that is more expensive to repair. In offering dental exams and cleanings for Cloverdale residents Brickyard Station Dental does all we can to ensure your time with us is as comfortable and practical as possible. By scheduling your appointment well ahead of time, you can make sure a timely response to all your dental health needs.

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Your Surrey Dentist is Accepting New Patients


There’s a lot of suggestions out there on ways to avoid dental decay that can cause cavities or root canals. Brush frequently. Floss regularly. Attempt to avoid sugary foods and drinks. However, there’s an extra step you can take that goes even further in preventing tooth decay: sealants.

Sealants are frequently composed of a thin, plastic covering that is painted directly onto the tooth—focusing mostly on chewing surfaces, such as those found in the molars. This shielding coat locks out elements that promote decay. Instead of simply getting rid of the foreign materials that get on your teeth throughout the day, they never touch the enamel, and the rotting procedure never has a possibility to begin at all.

At Brickyard Station Dental our Dentist recommends that children in between 6-14 get sealants because of they have a higher risk of a dental cavity. However, sealants can be just as effective in preventative dental care for adults of any ages.

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Your Surrey Dentist is Accepting New Patients

VELscope Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer kills one person every hour, and without correct detection methods, a person may have dental cancer and not even know it. In almost all cases of dental cancer, early detection has a significant effect on a patient’s chances of survival. By identifying and treating oral cancer early, a client’s five year survival rate is 80-90% greater.

Typical causes of oral cancer include regular use of tobacco items (cigarettes, cigars, pipes, chewing tobacco), extreme usage of alcohol, genetics (a family history of dental cancer or any type of cancer), or extreme direct exposure to the sun at a young age.

While men above the age of 50 are normally at the most risk for dental cancer, there has been a current boost in the number of women with oral cancer due to a connection between oral cancer and the human papilloma virus (HPV-16).

The VELscope screening system consists of a specialized white light source and viewing scope that make it simpler for your dentist to look carefully at the tissues inside your mouth. Normal tissues will almost glow a bright green colour. Irregular tissue appears much darker under the unique light.

An irregular screening does not constantly suggest that the patient has cancer. If an unusual screening occurs, our dental professionals may arrange a second scan later on to see if the dark spots vanish, or might decide to perform a mild, non-invasive brush biopsy to see if it’s not cancer. Contact Brickyard Station Dental to set up a complimentary, no-obligation dental cancer screening utilizing VELscope today.

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