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Our Sedation Dentistry Services

Visiting the dentist isn’t always easy. Many patients suffer from dental anxiety or fear of the dentist. Others have difficulty sitting still for various reasons beyond their control. For these patients, we offer dental sedation. You might be a candidate for dental sedation if you experience the following: fear of the Dentist, traumatic past dental experiences, high sensitivity, bad gag reflexes, require complex dental surgery, require multiple procedures, or young children requiring dental treatment.

Today, most dental procedures are pain-free or much less uncomfortable, but for procedures like dental surgery, sedation dentistry is a useful tool for patients and dentists. We also recommend dental sedation when multiple procedures are being completed at once because it helps patients stay still and makes it easier for dentists to work.

Brickyard Station Dental offers what is known as conscious sedation, which allows patients to remain responsive but unaware of the work being done. Conscious Sedation is popular, less expensive and effective for most patients and procedures.

Oral Sedation

Oral sedation is a pill prescribed by a dentist or a medical doctor for dental treatment, patients with high anxiety and patients undergoing multiple treatments. There are two types of pills, one that is administered the evening before dental work, and one that is given an hour or so before treatment. The timing of the pills will correspond with the patient’s dental appointment, and patients need to be accompanied by a friend or family member since they cannot drive afterward. Oral sedation is safe and very effective. Most patients will have no memory after their visit, and while it does take time to wear off, it is usually our recommended approach.

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