It is very heartbreaking to loose teeth at any age because they do not only help you to chew and eat but also enhances a person’s beauty. So, In this case people facing tooth loss ring their respective dentists and get an appointment for dental bridges. Dental bridge perform the bridge and fill the gap created by one or more missing teeth. Dental bridge is also known as false tooth ( called a potonic ) that is gripped by the abutment teeth.

Types of Dental Bridges

  1. Traditional Bridges
  2. Cantilever Bridges
  3. Maryland Bridges
  4. Implant-supported Bridges
  5. Composite Bridges

Well many people do have some myths and confusion about dental bridges. Let us break the Myth and find out what myths people have?

#Myth no. 1 – Dentures & Dental Bridging are the same thing

Mostly we have seen our grandparents or old people using dentures instead of dental bridges or implants. Dentures are removable and more affordable compared to implants & bridges, whereas dental bridges are non removable and looks exactly as natural teeth.

#Myth no. 2 – Dental bridges also known as Dental Implants

Let me clear here, NO! Both of them are different things because dental implants don’t require any natural teeth to settle down, it just drill a materialistic root in your jaw and gradually makes permanent bond with the natural root, whereas dental bridge fill the missing gap by anchoring the two natural teeth. Appoint a meeting for dental bridges in surrey to bust all the myths more effectively.

#Myth no. 3 – Oral activities like eating or speaking are no more perfect

Yet, another mind boggling misconception people generally have that food and eatables are not get chewed properly because of not having those strong natural teeth also the verbal communications slightly falls down. Again, it’s not true because living a life without teeth is much harsher than living with teeth. Eventually the speaking and eating habits become more good, it just need time to get habitual of dental bridge inside your mouth.

Benefits of Dental Bridges

It is not only about perfection of your appearance, it is about more you can think. Missing tooth drags a lot of confidence and that’s a crime. Sharing some of the advantages dental bridges can build.

Brings back that smiling charm

  1. Improves speeches, verbal communication and speaking skills.
  2. Helps in digesting food, because the more properly you will chew, the more fine it will digest.
  3. Enhances the complexions.
  4. It lasts for a long time about five to fifteen years.

Dental bridges are never a bad idea to go for, if a person somehow has lost his/her teeth accidentally then one of the good ideas in dentistry can be dental bridges.

Next time if you face any dental problem and think Dental bridges, implants, sedation, etc are good for you then please talk to your dentist as soon as possible. In Cloverdale, BYS are waiting to serve you in the best possible way.

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