The human face looks more beautiful when the face laughs, but the first thing people observe in our face is our teeth. This is human psychology because teeth are the most attractive object of our face. Many people face embarrassment and feel ashamed because they cannot showcase their smile. We understand the issue just relax and reach us, we have a team of professional dentists who have several years of experience in this field. But still, if you are stepping back because you just imagined the pain you will go through then there is nothing to be worried about, the time has changed. This is the generation of technology and medical science is one of the best examples. The earlier patient has to suffer hours to hours where the pain is unbearable, also there was no surety of success results but now we can assure you of gaining zero pain and full success results.

BYS dental is popularly known for fixing painless dental problems with the help of sedation. Sedation is the drug given orally or by injecting to the patient where the patient will feel no movement in that particular area and letting the dentists perform the check-up or surgery perfectly. We brickyard station dental are experts in performing sedation dentistry in surrey where we have advanced machines that will surely unlock your dental phobia. Here our expert team of dentistry focuses on resolving patient problems effectively with affordable fees. We resolve every problem related to your dental health from bad gag reflexes, complex dental surgery, high sensitivity and many more.

Oral sedation

Medically oral sedation is a process where the patient is prescribed to take pills that are effective and not much costly. By taking these oral sedation pills the patient feels relaxation and more comfort which helps dentists to examine the patient deeply and accurately because of a patient being cooperative and responsive, the process happen peacefully.

Our Dentists

We have an experienced and beautiful team of 5 ladies who are passionate and dedicated to their profession. All have taken the oath of helping the patient without any greed. We have Dr. Attinder Sohi, Donna,  Harsh, Trixia and Ruby. The mission is to bring the natural smile back of the person who comes to us.

OUR Services

BYS dental never fails to solve issues that the patient faces. We know the level of embarrassment and shame a person feels when someone publicly makes fun about the teeth. Well, The advanced technology helps us in giving the best of us where  Digital X Rays, VELscope  Oral cancer screaming and Digital Communication helps a lot in the diagnosis process.

We provide services like:-

General Dentistry

Preventative Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

Restorative Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry

Brickyard station believes that we are not dentists only we are  artists too because we art your beautiful teeth.

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